Honda Center

The Grand Terrace

The Challenge

Apex Audio was hired by The Honda Center to provide professional audio services for the proposed 15,000-square foot addition called “The Grand Terrace”, an exclusive indoor/outdoor entertainment area. The addition would include an entryway featuring two 15×25 foot high-definition screens, an upstairs outdoor patio, clubhouse, and upscale dining options.

The Solution

Apex Audio worked with QSC to install the Q-Sys system that would control the audio throughout the entire addition, and relied on strong audio manufacturer partnerships to meet the standards expected at The Honda Center.

The System

System Control: QSC Q-Sys
Projection Screen Audio: Twelve McCauley MLA2’s with two M421 sub amplifiied with QSC PL380s and PL340s. Each M421 powered by LAB.GRUPPEN FP 14000
Patio Speakers: Fulcrum
Clubhouse Speakers: QSC-AD_C820

Speakers in Ceiling of Clubhouse

Additional Square Footage

Renovation Year

Amazing Result

Installing Audio Equipment at The Honda Center’s “The Grand Terrace”

Installing Audio Equipment at The Honda Center - Apex Audio
Becoming Involved
Apex Audio’s received a request from The Honda Center to develop an initial cost estimate (for budget purposes) for an audio system to be installed throughout a proposed structure called “The Grand Terrace”. This would be a 15,000 square foot indoor-outdoor entertainment space, and the new main entryway.

The initial estimate was based upon rough specifications for the audio distribution systems, and the associated equipment. After Apex Audio received blueprints and artist renderings of various elevation views, a more detailed, advanced design and quote was provided.

Specifying the audio requirements began early in the design stage. Once the general sense of “where and why” people would be gathering was established, electrical conduit was installed from the equipment room to the designated locations. While the conduit would allow Apex to have pathways to access the necessary locations, a full design was not yet required; just enough infrastructure to make sure any ideas that surfaced could be accomplished.

QSC Racks controlling the Audio at The Grand Terrace - Apex Audio

Controlling the Audio System
The QSC Q-SYS system was chosen for signal processing, distribution and control of the entire installation at The Grand Terrace. QSC worked hand-in-hand with Cisco Systems to develop “Stadium Vision”, the platform the Honda Center had already selected for their video systems. There are over 700 screens around the Honda Center that can all drive their own signal. So while the Cisco platform takes care of the video side of things, selecting QSC’s Q-SYS system to control the audio made sense because they had been working together to integrate their systems for installations of this caliber.

Fulcrum Speakers on The Grand Terrace - Apex Audio

Supplying Audio to The Outdoor Patio
The speakers that would supply sound to the outdoor seating area needed to cover a lot of space, and withstand the weather. The Fulcrum DX1295 were selected for their hi-fi, pro-level sound.

These speakers provide a lot of low-frequency information, which was an important attribute because sub-woofers placed directly onto the platform would have been too disruptive. The Fulcrum DX1295 consist of two 15” speakers. The top speaker has a horn in it for high frequency. It’s essentially like 2 big speaker boxes stuck together. When the components are placed that close to each other, they sound better because you don’t have differences in time arrival – ensuring a better sound over a broader area.

Weather Resistance
In addition to great sound, weather resistance was extremely important. The speaker boxes needed to be engineered to last in the direct Southern California sunlight all day, all year. Apex Audio needed the equipment to last at least 10 years, and hopefully 20. The engineers at Fulcrum come from companies that have a history of weatherproofing speaker boxes at facilities such as Disneyland for the last 30 years. So they have experience in making audio equipment that lasts in the elements for extended periods of time.

Pro Audio Installation at The Honda Center - Apex Audio

The patio area can be used to host a variety of gatherings that include live bands, or special meetings. For these events, a portable speaker system can be brought out, and controlled from the Q-Sys network.

Alternatively, sound for these events can be ran through the Fulcrum speakers, as well. In fact, the Fulcrum system has been used more than originally intended because they work quite well and make for quicker set-up and tear-down times.

They also found that using the high mounted Fulcrum speakers was often more desirable than having ground-level speakers shooting directly into the audience.

Even Distribution
To ensure an even distribution of sound throughout the area, additional speakers were strategically placed on the ceilings of the outdoor bar areas where the primary speakers didn’t hit directly. Placing additional “fill” speakers distributes the sound more evenly.

McCaulay MLA2 and M421 installed by Apex Audio at The Honda Center

Audio Installation for Two 24′ Projection Screens
Entering The Honda Center via The Grand Terrace (the new main entryway to the venue), the guests arrive between two 24-foot screens projecting information such as upcoming events.

Apex Audio was asked to make the sound coming from the screens fully cover the large entryway and parking lot area. Apex chose the McCauley MLA2 small format line array because it distributes sound in a wide horizontal pattern and handles high frequency quite well. To provide the most low frequency possible to such a large space, Apex chose the McCauley M421 quad 21” subwoofer.

McCauley MLA2's installed at The Honda Center by Apex Audio of Orange County

Line Arrays
The speakers directly under the screens are McCauley MLA-2’s. They were selected because they are a great sounding box for the money, and for the amount of output they have – they sound amazing!

These speakers are being pumped out into the parking lot, and were initially intended to pump playback music. But the McCauley system ended up sounding so good that they use it for hosting live bands and screening movies right in the parking lot. The bass vibrations of the dinosaurs walking/thumping in the movie “Jurassic Park” sound and feel incredible!

The McCauley sub-woofers were chosen because of the amount of output relative to the size of the box. While the box is massive for a single size subwoofer, it does the job of about 6 normal-sized subs, and helps achieve the right sound pressure level (spl) to fill the area.

Having a powerful sub-woofer fit neatly into the small space allotted kept the depth of the wall from extending out into the walkway, ensuring wheelchair access in compliance with A.D.A. standards.

QSC-AD-C820 ceiling speakers in clubhouse at The Honda Center - Apex Audio

Installing an Audio System in The Honda Center Clubhouse
When the Clubhouse is not being used for pre/post events, it is rented out for high quality, large scale corporate events and meetings. Having a presenter standing at one end of the room means the sound needs to reach all guests at the highest fidelity possible.

Approximately 36 QSC-AD_C820 speakers were installed into the ceiling, along with a variety of “fill” speakers strategically placed throughout the venue in order to achieve a rich, full sound.

The immediate staff can control the system via touchpad, or it can be programmed from the master front-of-house control – all via the QSC Q-Sys system..

Honda Center “The Grand Terrace”

Sound & Visual Enhancements for Pre-Game Fun

The 15,000-square foot Grand Terrace, is now an operational facility featuring two 15×25 foot high-definition screens, an upstairs outdoor patio, a new team store, clubhouse, and upscale dining options with views and service of the highest degree.

Relax and Enjoy the Event!

The renovations are impressive and encourage a more enjoyable time spent at the center before – and after – hockey games and special events. The Grand Terrace patio rests atop an archway that leads into the center between two 15×25 foot, high-definition screens. Following the two screens are the new team store on the east end, and Puck’s Tavern, a 220-seat, full-service restaurant by Chef Wolfgang Puck on the west end.

Equipment Expertise Pays Off

Working with some of the finest audio equipment manufactures, Apex Audio has supported The Grand Terrace at The Honda Center with the capability of hosting live bands, corporate meetings, and a variety of gatherings where guests can enjoy their time listening to the highest of audio fidelity.

Honda Center The Grand Terrace-Audio Installation Apex Audio