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Apex Audio provides honest, reliable information and guidance that allows our clients to make informed decisions when selecting professional audio equipment.
We’ve spent years learning, using, and teaching others about the proper use of high quality sound gear.
We want you to benefit from this experience, so we can work together not only on your next project – but for years to come.
So whether you’re starting a new project, or upgrading an existing installation, we’re here to help you get it done, and done right.

The Apex Audio Team

Chris LeBer

Chris LeBer

Jeff Suchy

Jeff Suchy

Our Founder, David Fishbein (1952-2013)

The founder of Apex Audio, David Fishbein was known for being an awesome “sound guy” with the best ear in the business as well as a lover of life. His favorite reply when asked about his day was always “Livin’ the Dream”.

People knew Dave to be an extremely kind, generous, and sincere person. Dave loved the outdoors, music, handball and his wife, Pam and children, Jayden and Kamber.

David Fishbein - Founder of Apex Audio

“Dave had a way of connecting with people that I’ve yet to see in anyone else. He was a very sincere and caring individual that I had the pleasure of learning from. I treasure the years that he was a part of my life.”
Shaun Eagleson